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Refurbished Apple iPhone - 6, 6S - LARGE Qty

Refurbished Apple iPhone - 6, 6S - LARGE Qty

Category: Telephones & Cellular
Date Posted: 10/21/19
Price: Varies by load
Quality: Refurbished
Shipping: FedEx, UPS, USPS or Buyer Arranged
Terms: Credit Card or Bank Wire


We carry a large selection of refurbished Apple iPhone inventory. All merchandise is sourced from a top US retailer. Refurbishment is handled in house.

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All brand new or refurbished products come with a 90 day warranty from Direct Liquidation.

Typically, we sell iPhone lots with > 50 qty but also stock 5 and 10 piece lots as well.

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(please note the availability of this inventory changes daily. please check back regularly for new listings)

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