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KM Department Store Shelf-Pull General Merchandise & Clo

Category: Mixed Mdse. Lots
Date Posted: 09/06/21
Price: $0.00
Quality: Shelf Pulls
FOB: Los Angeles,OH
Shipping: FedEx, UPS or Freight Carrier
Terms: Credit Card, Debit, Paypal, Money Order, Cash


Clean Shelf-Pull Loads with large majority of items being in retail ready condition.

Typically Available FOB: Los Angeles & OH

  • Each load will vary in value and mix but typically includes a wide assortment of items in different product categories.
  • Some loads will be heavy in a particular product category e.g. over 50% Apparel or over 50% Seasonal goods.
  • Hangers typically included with clothing where applicable.
  • Typically, a 2.1 x to 2.4x retail markup from wholesale value.
  • Sold as a % of Wholesale Value.
  • Pallets can be double stacked to allow for 52 Pallet Orders on the same Truck.

Product mix and shelf pull condition of these loads make them extremely profitable and an excellent choice for appropriate discount outlets, stores, flea market vendors and wholesalers.

Loads typically contain: Women, Men, Kids' & Infant Clothing, DIY Items, Jewelry, Outdoor Goods, Fashion Accessories, Seasonal Goods, Cosmetics, Furniture, Electronic Accessories, Sporting Goods, Toys, Housewares, Stationery, Tools & more.

Please review sample images to get a better understanding of what to expect.
Please see individual manifests for the specific contents, values & price of each available load.

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