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Liquidation of Menâ??s Skincare Products

Category: Health & Beauty
Date Posted: 09/22/22
Price: $7,475.00
Quality: New
Shipping: FedEx, UPS or Freight Carrier
Terms: Credit Card, Debit, Paypal, Money Order, Cash


This is an opportunistic liquidation of 6400 units of assorted Man Toolzâ?¢ Menâ??s Skincare Products.

The loads includes 2200 units of Menâ??s Resurfacing Moisturizer (2oz), 2100 units of Menâ??s Facial Cleanser (4oz), and 2100 units of Menâ??s Body Wash (8oz).

Goods best by date is July 2019.

  • The goods retail prices range from $9.95 - $12.95 per unit.
  • The total reatil value of the load is $76,680.
  • Your price is $7,475, or $1.17/unit.
  • Reasonable offers for less may be considered.

Great product for Retailers, Online Sellers, Discount Stores, Flea Marketers, and Export!

About the Products:

Man Toolzâ?¢ Resurfacing Moisturizer & After Shave Balm:

Donâ??t just clean, resurface. Use our Resurfacing Moisturizer twice a day on your face, it's the perfect product to protect and nourish your skin all day. After cleansing or after shaving, the combination of vitamins, plant and fruit extracts serve to promote moisture retention on your skin cools while making your face soft and oil free. Cleanse, moisturize, go.

Man Toolzâ?¢ Grime Elimination Face Cleanser:

Use on your face both in the shower or anytime it needs refreshing. With gentle cleansing and great moisturizers, our grime eliminating face cleanser is perfect to clean your face without leaving it dry. The anti-oxidant blend along with coconut oil ingredients achieve this perfect balance.

Man Toolzâ?¢ Dirt Removal Multi-Tool Cleanser for Body & Hair:

Toss your soap and shampoo, donâ??t settle for basic cleaning. Our 2 in 1 multi tool cleanser contains moisturizers and extracts to leave your body and hair feeling clean and refreshed. The signature masculine scent adds that finishing touch to complete your shower.

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