Sumner Communications, Inc.
Sumner Communications, Inc.

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Liquidation of Professional Microphone Equipment and More

Category: OTHER
Date Posted: 05/07/24
Price: $29,766.31
Quality: New
Shipping: FedEx, UPS or Freight Carrier
Terms: Credit Card, Debit, Paypal, Money Order, Cash


This liquidation includes an assortment of 4,612 units of New Overstock Aokeo professional microphone equipment, accessories, car mounts, and more.

The load includes, but not limited to: Professional USB Condenser Microphones, Professional 8 Channel UHF Wireless Microphone Systems, Wireless Handheld Microphones, Wireless Lavalier Lapel Microphone Systems, Handheld Wireless Microphones, UHF Wireless Handheld Microphone Systems, Magnetic Car Mounts, and 4 channel professional UHF wireless microphones.

Please review the manifest for details.

The color variation is unknown.

The magnetic car mounts will come in a variety of styles and colors, and the exact mix is unknown.

  • The total retail value of the load is $175,095.96.
  • Retail values per unit range from $19.99 to $550.
  • Your price is just 17% of Retail, or $29,766.31.

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